At Axis Physio & Pilates we have a unique approach to your management. Our philosophy is to:

• Complete a thorough & accurate assessment of your injury
• Establish the underlying cause of your pain & symptoms
• Hands on treatment to provide immediate pain-relief & condition improvement
• Provide the highest quality of evidence-based practice & care
• Equip clients with tools to understand & manage their injury & prognostic time frames as well as prevent future re-injury
• Manage clients’ recovery from acute injury to end stage rehabilitation with an emphasis on education, individualised exercise prescription, restoration & return to optimal movement performance

Physiotherapy services offered:

• Sports injuries
• Musculoskeletal injuries
• Workplace injuries
• Medical specific rehabilitation
• Post surgical rehabilitation
• Dry needling
• Women’s health

HICAPS is available onsite for your convenience & immediate health fund rebates.

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Remedial Massage Therapy

Let our massage therapists help you get back on track. Whether you want to release tight muscles, prevent the development of loading injuries through sustained postures, repetitive movements & high training volumes, our remedial massage therapists are highly trained to meet your needs & expectations.

Massage therapy services offered:

• Sports
• Remedial
• Recovery
• Relaxation
• Pregnancy
• Lymphatic drainage
• Myofascial
• Aromatherapy

The benefits of massage include:

• Reduces muscle soreness
• Assists to flush toxins & lactic acid from the body
• Reduces stress on joints
• Assists in the body’s recovery
• Promotes relaxation & stress relief
• Improves circulation
• Reduces delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) following hard training sessions

We offer 60 & 90 minute appointments depending on your needs.

HICAPS is available onsite for your convenience & immediate health fund rebates.

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Clinical Pilates

At Axis we want our clients to enjoy everyday living without being limited by pain, injury, fitness levels & associated movement dysfunction. Our Pilates sessions are individually tailored to your specific needs & aim to provide a detailed, encouraging & informed approach to Pilates instruction in order to achieve efficient results & an increased sense of well being.

Our team at Axis are movement & rehabilitation specialists who are highly trained in managing all stages of injury, including injury prevention, as well as improving strength, condition & posture. 

We create programs for clients from all walks of life & assess & deal with each client as an individual. 

We offer private & small group studio classes (1 instructor to 4 clients), utilising the full range of Pilates equipment & small apparatus. Each client works through their own individual program during the class under the instruction of their Pilates teacher, ensuring each individual succeeds in reaching their goals & maximum potential.

How to get started? 

We begin with a one hour private consultation where we will address your medical history as well as your specific needs & goals. We then perform a brief postural analysis & assess your body’s movement patterns before introducing you to some of the key concepts of Pilates. This will allow us to tailor a specific Pilates program to suit your individual needs.

Our focus is to work with you towards your targets & expectations to manage your injuries, prevent reoccurrence or to improve your strength & conditioning to assist you to reach your physical peak for all your favourite activities & sports.

After your initial consultation you can either attend private lessons &/or join in studio classes. We recommend 2-3 classes per week for maximum results.

Studio Classes

Maximum of four clients per instructor. One hour duration. Clients are given a personalised workout tailored to their specific needs & goals. All Pilates apparatus are utilised including the Cadillac, Reformer, Wunda Chair, Tower, Barrel, Mat & small apparatus. Because the workout is personalised, the studio class is suitable for clients wanting to rehabilitate from injury to clients training for a specific sport or personal goal.

Private Classes

One client, one instructor. One hour duration. Following the initial assessment, a planned progressive workout is specifically designed. The aim of these classes is to provide a focused, detailed workout that continuously balances & strengthens the client. These lessons are designed for those clients who prefer to train on a one-on-one basis, or for clients who require more individual support.

HICAPS is available onsite for your convenience & immediate health fund rebates.

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Strength & Conditioning Training

Now you can have private strength & conditioning training with the best. 

Are you looking to reach your fitness goals but not quite sure how to achieve them without sustaining injuries? Or are you recovering from an injury & want an informed, guided return to training?

At Axis Physio & Pilates we have Physiotherapists & exercise specialists with knowledge & experience to maximise your physical potential whilst minimising injury risk. Our extensive knowledge in exercise prescription together with our understanding of injury & pathology means we are well placed to tailor your program to achieve your goals.

Why not take up our introductory offer & train with a friend for the same price as one?

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12 week Performance Training Programs

Are you preparing your body for training or competition but not quite sure where to start? Or do you continue to break down with injury during your preparation?

Come in to see our Physiotherapist & exercise specialist for an individually tailored performance program designed to get you across the finish line. Our 12 week training programs are designed to incrementally increase your training loads & volumes in preparation for competition based on your previous training history, injury history & competition requirements. 

We perform a detailed assessment of your body to look for all contributory or causative factors that may potentially lead to injuries & design a 12 week program specific to your training & competition goals. 

What’s included in this program:

• Initial assessment (1 hour consultation)
• 12 week training program design
• Weekly physiotherapy consultations (10 sessions)*

*If you would prefer more than one session a week please speak to our Physiotherapist to tailor your program to your needs

To find out more about our 12 week training programs please email